Services for all. Great and small.

No matter if you have a home or a business.
No matter if you’re an office manager or house spouse.
We come to you, providing expert, on-site computer repair
And top-notch customer service.

Need for Speed.

Slow computer? We will put new life into any laptop or desktop.

Uninvited Guests?

We clean away all spyware, adware, keyloggers & trojans.

Moved to tears?

Fear not. We will move all your files & programs to a new Mac or PC.

You have the need for speed?

Over time all computers start slowing down. Why go out and spend a bucket load of money on a new computer when a little investment in our tune-up services will help your old computer run like new?

Our computer repair technicians are experts at squeezing the most out of your desktop or laptop. Many times the solution is targeted hardware or software changes that pay off in significant speed increases.

Data CPR and Recovery.

Complete Data Recovery or file recovery after a system crash, hard drive crash, accidental deletion or format is not always possible, but in the majority of cases there is a very good chance to recover most if not all of your data from formatted or deleted drives, disks and storage devices if you act quickly.

On and Off Site Backup.

Hardware fails. It’s a fact of life. Thinking ahead by setting up a data backup is an important safety step we can help you take. Our solutions incorporate both on-site and off-site (cloud) solutions. We customize your backup methodology depending on your individual needs whether for personal or business purposes.

Networking for all.

We offer complete network installation, setup, and configuration services for either wireless or wired network architectures. If you are considering adding wireless or Ethernet to an existing network, installing a new wireless or Ethernet network; or if you are just having issues with an existing network, our computer repair techs are here to help you.

Remote Access Solutions.

Do you need to access your personal or work files when you’re away from your home or business? We can set up a simple, fast and efficient remote access solution. Have access to your personal or business computer remotely from your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. Flux computer techs will set up a simple solution for you.

We trash uninvited guests.

Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers, Rootkits, spyware, Adware…the list can read like a bad horror novel. The fact is if you surf the Internet, chances are your computer suffers from at least one of these nasties. But who invited them to the party?

At Flux, our computer repair techs will be your cyber bouncer. Equipped with an arsenal of powerful removal tools, we will restore your computer to health and help prevent future infections.

Moving day? No Sweat.

If you are planning to upgrade or have recently purchased a new computer there are more than likely files, pictures, movies, documents and even programs still residing on your old computer that you would like to either backup or transfer onto your new system.

We offer a complete backup and transfer service that includes a backing up of all documents, pictures, movies, and other data files that can be located on your old system and then transferred onto your new system or computer. Even if you are moving files from a PC to a Mac or visa/versa, we can make it happen.

Windows Locksmiths.

Have you forgotten your Windows login? Didn’t write down your Windows password? Are you locked out of Windows? Our computer repair techs can unlock and reset your Windows accounts giving you access to your files and get you back in your computer. If you have Windows 7, XP or Visa, we are your Windows locksmiths.

Smartphones made smarter.

Have questions about your new Smart Phone? Whether you have an iPhone or an Android based Smart Phone, our computer techs can help you squeeze the most from your phone. We also can help transfer data, contacts, pictures, music and other files from an iPhone to a new Android phone or visa versa.

Hardware Upgrades made easy.

Want to improve your computers performance without investing in a brand new computer? Our computer techs can look at your current system and make it better. Whether it needs a faster hard drive, more memory or an upgrade to a Blu-Ray drive, we will audit your current system and target the areas that will maximize performance improvements for your computer. 

Computer bugs squashed.

Having a problem with a new program on your desktop or laptop? Are you getting the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) in Windows? Is your MacBook randomly crashing? System incompatibilities can manifest itself in strange and interesting ways.

Sometimes the issue lies in the software, sometimes the hardware. The bottom line is a computer can be a puzzle wrapped inside an enigma. Our computer service techs at Flux can untangle the sometimes complicated web that is your computer configuration and get it working both quickly and reliably.

Thirsty for an upgrade?

Ready to upgrade your desktop or laptop to Windows 11 or Apple Ventura? If you’re like many computer owners you’ve held on to Windows XP or Snow Leopard like grim death.

Microsoft got it right with Windows 10 and if you’re still running XP or (heaven forbid) Vista, it’s both safe and smart to upgrade to Windows 10.

Our computer techs will upgrade your laptop or desktop system without sacrificing your personal files. Additionally, we’ll also install versions of your favorite programs compatible with your new operating system. We take care of it all.

The gift of knowledge.

Our computer repair techs all had to learn everything they now know. Best of all, they are happy to explain to you in simple terms that you can understand, how things work and what exactly is wrong with your computer.

They also are patient and skilled in training you how to use your computer to your best advantage. Photoshop, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, iTunes, whatever your software, we can help teach you how to use it and personalize the interface so it works best for you. Even something as simple as setting up an online email account, we’ll come to you and show you step-by-step!

Firewall Brick by Brick.

Our computer techs will set up a new firewall for best security or configure an existing firewall to ensure maximum protection. We have the best hardware and software firewall solutions for home and business.

It’s nice to share.

If you have one printer and many computers in your home or business, we can help share your printer over your wired or wireless network. One printer is all you need for all your computers. Likewise, we can set up a single hard drive so everyone in your home or business can save and read info from that one shared drive.

Remote Support.

Many computer problems can be resolved by a “virtual on-site visit”. Our computer repair techs, using customized software, can remotely connect to your computer and resolve software issues as you watch the action on your screen.

Security Audit.

Our computer repair techs will examine your current setup, perform a risk assessment and recommend customized security enhancements to ensure your privacy and data integrity are protected.